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Hantrex Satellite TV Site is now up and running take a look...

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Hantrex now have the complete range of Monster Cables. If you've ever wanted a premium cable for your Home Theatre gear, or are looking for a quality upgrade for your existing cables, then this is the site for you! Click here to browse the site.

If you're interested in terrestrial television, then the digital tv link is for you. This will allow you to receive ABC, SBS, 7, 9, and 10 - as well as the additional channels and program guides these broadcasters offer. Click here for more.

If the world of satellite TV is more your game, then we've got a great Satellite web site set up. We don't just sell the gear, we take time to explain what it's all for, what satellite TV is and how you can get started. It's a site built for those with no understanding of satellite TV at all, and we take you through all the gear you need to get the channels you want. Click here for more.

We'd like to welcome our New Zealand friends to this site. We do ship everything except our digital terrestrial television receivers to New Zealand (they won't work there). Of particular interest to you will be our satellite television web page, you can start learning about this by clicking here. All funds can be paid into a New Zealand bank account, so you can pay in $NZ if you like.

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