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Welcome Thawte Web of Trust People!

You 've probably landed here from the Thawte Web Of Trust page and are looking for a few points on your Personal Certificate. Matthew Wren handles these requests.

If you didn't land here from Thawte, and want to find out what a WOT is, click here.

To get the points, follow all the instructions to the letter on the Thawte page - any inconsistencies will mean I’ll ask you to return with the proper documentation.

You can email me using the ‘email us’ links on this page. Please, only call if it’s super urgent and you can’t wait 10 minutes for a reply email.

To get signed up, always email me first and arrange a time. We’re open 11-6PM Monday to Saturday – but I am not always here at the showroom so it’s no use just turning up out of the blue as I may not be here.

I look forward to meeting more and more people under the WOT banner.

Matthew Wren.


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